Winter Rules! It's Here!

Indeed, if it is cold and rainy in Houston, it has to be really cold everywhere else! It’s that time of the year all of us water skiers detest. No more long, lazy, crazy days of Summer. Yes, Winter “rules”, But folks, you would be wise to follow some Winter “rules”. The Professor is employing some common sense, combined with (too) many years experience so ignore him at your own peril!

Rule #1. No skiing for PBs. This is the time to slow down, or lengthen the rope, or both. Cold muscles and cold water are not good combos for trying to be the next hero on the lake.
2. Think of technique and run drills instead of chasing balls. Video and critique even your drills because repetition is only beneficial if it is CORRECT repetition.
3. NO FALLING! Folks, falling leads to injuries and falls are generally avoidable. Ski within yourself and stop falling. Falling also makes you much colder as water is jetted up your limbs, making a very uncomfortable set.
4. Work on conditioning and endurance by spinning and not setting down after each pass. The water is generally colder than the air so stay on top, longer.
5. Pack everything into one set because that second one is usually much, much colder, especially after having warmed up.
6.Make sure it is an enjoyable experience and not a drag to be there. Shivering and shaking at any point is physically dangerous and to be avoided. Pass if it is just too darn cold. Go another day and stay hungry.

Hopefully, Old Man Winter won’t last but a few, quick months and you will be ready, willing, and injury free, technique driven, rarin’ to go for another season of the sport we love so much.

Best to all,
The Prof