Winter getting here fast

Too bad it is getting so cold here in the NE.
Can’t wait for April.

The 22nd was our last day until April.

Only 2 more months of skiing for us…this year. Some of it will probably be cold.

How far south are you? I use the 100 degree rule…air temp + water temp needs to equal 100 to ski. Though I have been leaning towards 120.

We’ve been done for a few weeks now at this point. Last time I skied, water was in the high 50’s. Still was able to ski just a about the same buoys as mid-summer which shows that I must be doing something right this year.

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I’m in Charleston, we were in the eighties yesterday, probably 80 again today but we are dealing with hurricane remnants, 30 mph winds

I’ll ski a few more times here in NW Illinois. I winterize and call it quits when I see an extended outlook with low temps in the teens.

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Year round skiing in Charleston or do you have an off season?

We push the season as much as we can. Usually from the beginning of April to the end of October here in Ohio.

You can ski here all year. Our water is rarely below 50 F, most of January and February it is in the 50-55 range. We can get 70+ F air temps in any month, sometimes for a week or 2 straight. Now to counter that you have to deal with water temps that can get 95-100 F in July & August although fortunately very little time there this year.

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