Where is your ski site?

Mine is Ohio River by Augusta Kentucky.

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Multiple, we’re very fortunate. Northern IL is our course skiing and we have a cabin on a lake in Northern WI for free skiing.

I course ski on White Lake in Highland Michigan. I’m in charge of the course permit but my buddy and I install and maintain the course. At one time there were 9 members but now only 2. We ski 6 days a week 6am to 730, then we’re off to work. We are addicted.


My site is Springfield Ohio. I live on my lake. Very blessed.

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We have skied together a couple of times at Newtown during Nate Smith clinics around the time you left Sunsite and bought your lake. We would always give each other a hard time (all in fun)

@Riverrat. Great. I have yet to visit a boat dock with skiers on it where “giving” or “getting” smack was not part of the experience. It’s a locker room on the water.

Cranberry Lake Eagle River, Wisconsin. No course, and it’s very frozen right now.

i ski at several sites in Ohio. Private Lake, Springfield Lake, Berlin Lake, Salt Fork. And Shenango Lake in PA.

I am fortunate enough to have a summer cabin on Williamstown Lake in Northern Kentucky. It is a small public lake (around 400 acres) and we are allowed to have a ski course in one of the narrow coves.

@Edmund, I am about an hours drive from your lake. I have a course on the Ohio River on Kentucky side up river from Augusta Ky. Come join us sometime.

@Riverrat Sounds great. The same offer applies to my site; come for a ski and cookout this summer.

Lucky enough to have two.
Course skiing at the same lake in Northern Illinois as @joel
Free skiing on the DesPlaines River in Wilmington, IL where we keep our boat.

I had a really enjoyable time skiing with @joel on his lake in Illinois. There were several variables that concerned me upon arriving, i.e. car ride for 6 hours, new lake, short set up, big motor boat, all really good excuses I keep in my back pocket for when I don’t ski well. However, once I got onto the turn around and pull out, all was good. Very nice lake and I had a great time skiing there.

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