What speed to learn at for course?

so I skied my heart out last year at 28 mph. I could not make a successful pass at that speed so I’m wondering what speed should I slow down to 24 or 26 and why. I will be running a radar p6 and Malibu Sunsetter lxi.

You can try slowing down. I first ran it at 43kph / 26.7mph. At that speed ski was starting to work, I wasn’t getting overwhelmed by speed, and sinking feeling during mistakes was rare.
I was also tried to learn at 40kph and even though I could make enough speed to not sink when going well, a small mistake made me partially sink so I found 43kph better.
Have since moved onto 46kph and 49kph.
Any chance you can post a video? That’ll really help others give you advice.

Agreed, 26 is fine. Then maybe go up by .5 or 1 mph increments.

Thanks! 26 it is - i got a different toe plate for this year - i think i my old one put my foot too far back due to wide foot and high arch and it never feeling like it was in all the way. I think this one will do me better.

You may want to consider a Wider ski if you are slowing the boat down.

Reason is that a lower riding (borrow) ski will not be able to carry enough speed out of the turn and will get “stuck” in the water.

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the P6 is pretty wide at 7.8" :smile: I plan on using that until I get 26 and 28 down and then I’ll switch to my Theory which is 7.5". They look the same but the theory turns so much easier.

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