What ski are you riding?

I don’t think I can agree with 3 sets. I’ve had skis that really came alive with the bindings around 1/4 forwards. I won’t touch a fin until I have the bindings where they feel best and that can take me quite a few sets. I usually will do factory, then I start going forwards with the mikro-just tooth by tooth but for some skis that can take a number of sets to reach ideal. Once I think its best I usually will try a few sets back at factory to verify its better and not just me.

@joel have you tried the Fin DB app? sometimes people will have their numbers non-slot.

Now for a caliper rant.
Slot vs regular should be .03 off so a .730 slot should be a .700 non-slot which is stupid, the whole slot-caliper thing is stupid. Firstly selling you a “precision caliper” with a slot ground in it so that you can get your measurements closer within .0005 apparently on a measurement - but then build it with a crappy 30$ type caliper like harbor freight has so that your 150$ tool now doesn’t repeat to .003 over 7 inches. Try it sometime grab a slot caliper zero it then open/close it 3 times - what does it say now on your zero?

Secondly because if you look at Goode’s manuals and compare their numbers for skis pre/post slot caliper take the 9800SL for instance. Regular measurement DFT .711 Fin Length 6.871 Depth 2.449 and compare them to the slot measurements DFT .741 Fin Length 6.937 Depth 2.453
Wait what happened here? DFT sure that’s different you’re using the slot vs. the end different technique. Same thing length you’re now not doing tips at the fin box you’re doing jaws across the tunnel that should be different. Depth though? Why is Depth any different? Well because they ground the caliper so when you close it fully it is “more shut” than it should be. So when you close the jaws and zero you are now really zeroed shorter. So they took a measuring tool and made it no longer give you actual measurements just to improve your DFT measurement? Which I don’t know about you but when I do start moving my fin the DFT is the first and usually only one I change. Ok rant over.

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@half_past, I love rants. @ Joel, That’s interesting b/c a ski that I would be interested in trying is the XTR CC.
We’ll see. Mid march is coming. Time to get the head screwed on for skiing.

@half+past Thanks for your comments. When I brought my System 8 the people we were skiing with were using Monza’s and suggested the System 8 for me as I was learning course at 40 and 43kph. Demo’s not available anywhere so simply imported it from Wileys based on their advice. Was a massive improvement over the Connelly Hook I was using. S8 had a couple of years or regular use as we had a 2003 Malibu Response however situation changed and we needed to sell boat. Radar brand wasn’t around back then. Last 4 years have been getting the occasional tow behind outboard ski boats via people we know but it’s not regular. 10-20 tows per summer. Can run course at 40,43 and sometimes 46 or 49 when it all goes well. Last week did a 3 day ski school towed by a Nautique (early 2000s 196 I think). Great fun. Even had a crack at barefooting on the boom. Dropped the System 8 and now using a used VTR that my son brought.

Can’t beat that! Hind sight is 2020 - not the year obviously but I think a lot of people really liked something about the Monza for ~2 years. And then it just POOF into obscurity. Ironically I have a coworker who has one still and he keeps saying he doesn’t slalom because he is tiring of bad crashes. I keep trying to get him to try a different ski.

I had 2 Monza’s and really like them when I first started running 32 off and getting into 35 off but broke both of them at the toes of the front binding. I believe HO came out with the A1 to replace the Monza.

So this may require a new topic…@joel?
So what skis are people thinking about “trying” this season? Personally, I am getting ready to start my 4th season on the 19 Radar PB. I’ve run more 38’s on this ski than any other. However, my curiosity is pushing me to think about a different ski.
Short list: Goode XTR CC
D3 NRG R2.
Radar Vapor PB 2021
D3 Ion S
What am I searching for? More symmetry on each side of course. Easier flip or roll to inside turning edge at CL or 2nd white water. Not requiring a ton of effort. Not requiring a ton of fin tinkering.

Of course the attributes listed above could not be happening because of anything I am doing? Right?
HA!! Let’s face it…transparency moment…searching for new ski because I WANT ONE.

I’m extremely interested in the NRG R2, or even the R1 for that matter. I really loved the first NRG but it was a WILD ski sometimes and I thought it may have secretly wanted to kill me which is very un-D3.

@joel that is funny you mention that experience on the original NRG. I had great success with that ski. I think 2 or 3 at 38. really fast cross course. but every once in awhile, man I felt like it was going to Kill me. just suddenly squirrely. Reminded of the first iteration of the HO S1. fast, easy to ski, then suddenly satan showed up.

I am not real good on ski review. I have only been open water skiing with the NRG R2. However, I am so pleasantly surprised how good this ski feels. How often have we heard that in the honeymoon phase of a new ski? Anyway, I have been wondering to myself what do I have to do to get more flip or roll over of my ski behind the boat going into the second white water? I watch all the really good skiers, men and women and they have this ability to just allow the ski to “flip” from cutting edge to inside edge almost automatically but all the while keep traveling out bound. I think this is an integral part of short line skiing. Well, this ski is doing that. AGAIN, open water skiing, so I probably should curb my enthusiasm.
So I assess a ski based on the previous ski I have had success on…2019 Radar Pro Build.
Effort required? This ski feels the same regarding effort during skiing. I do feel a little more tug getting up on the DWS, but I am in rubber too, so this is a wash till I am out of rubber.
Speed? I actually was looking for a “slower” ski? Maybe not slower but one that would decelerate after flipping to inside edge going into the buoy. At 35 and 38, I would get the sensation of RPB just too fast into the buoy. R2 is shutting down and turning with authority, even in this cold water. I do not get a “hair on fire” feel from this ski. I will say from back on handle to the CL, this ski does accelerate.
Angle? No question. Allow the ski to finish, stack, prepare your body to load and allow ski to continue moving toward CL. Angle a plenty.
Stable? Very!! Have not felt the first squirrelly bobble yet. Has not bit or grabbed at the tip to throw me over the tip. I has always been where I expect it to be while skiing.
Set up? The fin was incredibly easy to set up. I did start completely stock with fin and boots. After first set, moved FB back 1/8” and I also separated my placement of RTP slightly farther back.
Please read disclaimer: Open water skiing. So take these comments with grain of salt. Potential? Yes.
I will know more once in course.

@Papawskier, looken good!

ha. @ RR. Know any one who can check your eyes? As i watch that, it explains why I am exhausted after free skiing. So many cuts and pulls. Great work out though. Just need to be careful, once the fatigue sets in, stop, ski it out and let down. I could probably reinforce bad habits once tiredness sets in.
Glad you got your course in. Let the season begin.
Thanks Joel for posting that.

Your skiing hard in March in Ohio, that’s looking good in itself.
Yeah must be the cataracts.

O’Brien G5. Because new skis are way to expensive. Just bought an Malibu LX. Now my kids want slaloms

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So really need to update my ski status.
NRG R2 was not successful. I could go out and ski right up through 35 into 38. Next session I could barely run 28. Sold it. Since then I spoke with two pro skiers for D3 and they both said in separate conversation I should have been on 66” ski. Oh well
Currently on Goode XTRCC. Wow what a ski. Went to see Chet with this ski. This ski is the real deal. Consistent on both sides. Easy and effortless to ride. Turns are very reasonable and friendly. Since I’ve been back in Ohio, I’ve only missed one 35. (Tail wind pass ). However came back and ran it. Turning 4 ball @38 almost every set. I have set the fin to chad Scott’s numbers and haven’t touched it.
The only thing I don’t like about it; the right side of the ski where rope rubs while getting out of water has rubbed paint off and that edge is feeling rough and gnarly. Yes the rope is covered with a plastic tubing. Very frustrating.
I highly recommend this ski.
I am going to be selling my 19 Radar PB. It is in really good shape. I’ll be asking $450 if anyone has interest.

Interesting regarding the XTRCC! I always liked my Goode when I had it (Rev6). XTR (non-CC) made no sense to me, could not figure that ski out. However, I also had a hard time even getting non-slot caliper settings to use and that was very annoying.

I tried the NRG R2 at Bennetts in March. Jay had one of each size in Ion and NRG R2 to demo which was awesome. I took the R2 out of the plastic wrap, brand new, set it up exactly stock, and ran it back to back with my EVO-S. Exactly, and I mean 100% exactly the same feeling ski. I could not believe it. So much so that I would never have known the ski changed from one set to another. Now, this was spring skiing, lots of 22s and into 28 so not exactly shortline skiing but at those lengths I couldn’t tell the difference! That was discouraging enough to not try the Ion even though it was sitting right there. I kinda wish I did though.

Of course my issue is not the ski. I need to learn how to stand up, one of these days I’ll get it. The EVO-S is a very, very good ski. Snappy, deep tracking, and ridiculously forgiving so it’s a good platform for me focusing on body alignment and lean vs. pulling.

Picked up a closeout demo/blem NRG R1 (last year’s ski) direct from D3 and it is an AMAZING ski. It is everything I liked about the EVO-S and more. Particularly a more forgiving and predictable onside. Ran this season’s first 32 off on my second set with it…