What ski are you riding?

What ski are you going to ride 2021 and why?

Currently on the 67" EVO-S. I’m 185lbs 5’ 10", no plans to change this year.


I’ve ridden lots of skis over the past few years. I’ve found that there are really two big categories of skis. Skis that do magic stuff when the conditions are right and skis that “just work” in all conditions. I find D3 skis to be in that latter category.

Other brands like Radar, for example, work amazingly for me in many conditions and totally blow my mind, but as soon as that water temp drops 10 degrees no longer work for me (one example). The other thing with skis that do “magic stuff” is they have put me in dangerous lean lock positions if I’m tired or way out of position, the ski till turns because it magically turns and before you know it I’m in big trouble. The Goode Rev6 was a great example of a ski that tracked like crazy but tried to kill me a couple times too.

D3 does not do any of that stuff to me. I ski just as well in 55F water as I do in 75F water. I’m never, ever, in a lean lock or dangerous position. Is it more work to ski than a higher-riding or more “miracle” ski or brand of skis? Maybe, but right now in this level of skill I need a ski that doesn’t overly giveth nor taketh away.

Also look at any national, state, or regional podiums and what skis folks are riding at these tournaments, folks that need reliable skis to compete with in all conditions. You will find a lot of Goodes and D3s. I haven’t done an actually tally yet but I’d bet they are by far the brands of choice for course skiers that want consistent results.

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67" Connelly Carbon V. No complex analysis…the ski just feels right.

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2019 radar pro build. Going into my 4 th season on it. I must say, this is the longest I’ve ever ridden a ski.

I’ve run the most 38’s on this ski. Last year I tried several skis. Denali C75, Goode XTRCC, HO omega, 2021 radar pro build, D3 the red ski Nate is riding, Goode 9970 CC. Every time I went back to my ski , it was a fantastic ride. Smooth, effortless, easy on my body and I knew exactly where and what the ski was going to do.
However, because I live on a lake and ski A LOT of sets, I have a feeling break down is near. I asked Chet if skis “really break down”. I’m thinking it’s a marketing ploy. Well his answer is yes they do. The outside of the ski may look brand new but it’s the inside that breaks down.

So what ski to try to replace radar?? Who knows. I’m in Ohio. Won’t ski till March so I have some time to think about it.

@Papawskier that 2019 Vapor PB was an AMAZING ski. One of my favorite skis ever. One day it just stopped working for me, it was really weird. I remember it really rode flat in the water (level front to back) and had INCREDIBLE onside angle every time. I should revisit the Vapor at some point.

Nothing seemed better than that 2016 Vapor, now THAT was a ski. But again, one day I just started falling all the time with it and that was the end of that.

For both skis, temperature sensitivity was a major issue, I believe.

Radar Theory, but am also going to try the Radar Session to slow down and learn the course at like 24 mph.

Radar has incredible brand penetration in the Midwest. I don’t know how they did it but Radars are everywhere, particularly in the lower speeds and longer lines contingent. Senates as far as the eye can see.

I didn’t start skiing until I was 40 and the friend that taught me to ski, skied on HO and that was all that I skied on. Phantom, Monza, A1, S1, S2, A2 and type V. I have decided to try something new so I bought a couple different used Denalis at the end of last year only tried the C65. I set it at standard settings and only skied about 3 sets but felt pretty good. I am looking forward to trying a few different skies next year and that is why I asked what ski are you riding and why.

@Riverrat, well this may involve a totally different category but i will continue and let @joel decide. So pursuant to the your above post, what are you looking for in a ski? Easy on the body, fast, angle, stable?
What has been the best ski for you thus far?
What is your typical practice score?
32 MPH? 34?
To @joel point, Radar is a very good ski choice for a lot of folks. My first experience w/ Radar with the 16 vapor. Wow, what a ski. I do think the radar brand, ( for me Vapors) really ski easy. At 59 I need to have a ski be easy on the body. I feel the vapor for me is effortless. I have a few ski friends that ski the senate pro, and they love this ski. I tried one and actually ran a complete 35 off pass. I was surprised.
Skis are very personal things. Peer influence can be intimidating sometimes. Go with what works for you, not the fad ski or the ski that seems to show up on podiums all the time.

@Papawskier, I will be 64 this year and ski at 34 mph. My best ski was HO A2 with exo bindings from a few years ago. I would run 2 out of 3, 35 offs and get a few at 38 off. Since tried type V with V max bindings and didn’t work all that well. Really struggled with 35 off and keep tearing the bindings off the ski. I am known for breaking all my equipment so I am not knocking the quality of HO because they have always stood behind their products. Like I said before I picked up a couple of used Denalis really cheap just to give it a try at the very end of last season. I only tried the c65 with refex front and a modified vmax rear a few sets and last set ran 35 off and a couple balls at 38.

So from all the skis I tried last year I would certainly revisit for purchase the following:
D3 ion/ion s, Goode XTRCC, 2021 vapor pro build.
As of right now I am starting season with old faithful. However this will be first season in 4 years where I am open for finding a different ski.

@Papawskier, thanks for the information, I thinking about heading down to Florida in next couple of weeks and see if I can demo some.
I haven’t been on the water since October so I should probably worry about getting a deap water start first.:thinking:

@Riverrat. I know we are way off topic here. I do know Perfski demo’s skis. Talk to Bill. He’s great. I also know Swiss demo’s on site. Talk with Val. Action Water Sports in West Orlando (Polk City) also demo’s skis. (HO and Radar).
You’ll be fine. It’s like riding a bike. I went to ski with a friend who lives in FL. I hadn’t skied since first week of Nov. Ran 5@35 several times. Felt great. I was trying a different fin on that trip. Jury is still out.
Have fun.

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One thing’s for sure: All the skis I’ve ridden in the past few years have been GREAT skis. And have not had really big adjustment periods. What that makes me think is that all of the manufacturers know how to make a great ski that’s easy to ride, is generally forgiving of mistakes, and consistent. As such I honestly don’t think you can go horribly wrong unless you’re splitting hairs at 38 and 39 on a regular basis.

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What? 2017 (or 2018?) 67" HO VTR.

Why? Because had a chance to try one and it was far more forgiving, carved much better and seemed faster than my 2007 66" HO System 8.

Will I change? Almost certainly no as don’t have a boat and only get 10-30 sets per summer so no need to change. Better to be familiar with a ski than constantly changing.

Would the system 8 is a turd :wink:

@half_past please explain. I’m not sure what your comment meant. Was the S8 poor compared to others of similar age, or poor compared to newer skis?

Sure thing.

In my opinion sort of yes and yes - the concept of the S8 was to make a Monza with a softer flex/heavier construction. I don’t think it translated well. If you liked the Monza you probably liked the ski’s somewhat abrupt finish to the turn and for most I think the way it translated to a softer ski was a tight finish on the turn into a sluggish/less responsive ski than the Monza. A different way to say it is if you liked the turns of the System 8 you’d have preferred the Monza the rest of the way down the lake.

This has been 12+ years since I’ve tried one but at the time compared to what other skis I tried the ski just felt like a lot of effort through the wakes. I battled with one for about a month and loss progress on the ski and moved on.

So someone today who would ask me for a ski recommendation I would never recommend they try a System 8 even if it was given to them I think even a lower spec Radar Senate is a better buy. But to the second half of your question compared to modern skis there isn’t a single modern ski I wouldn’t take over a system 8.

My opinion. Someone might jump in and just have LOVED their system 8.

I will also add - skis and skiing changed a ton from 2008 to 2010. ZO coming out just forced everyone to change what they wanted so I do think the “modern era” of slalom skiing happened after the system 8’s demise.

@joel, I would disagree with a hard NO on your statement about “all the skis…”
I had some awful experiences last year with two particular skis. I will not mention the names b/c I am not sure what your policy is on that type of thing. However, I purposefully ordered a brand new ski, which is not typical of me, because a person that I believe to be God in the waterski community suggested it for me. The WORST ski I’ve ever skied on. I mean the WORST. The person was on the phone with me daily, so were two of the companies Team skiers, texting me numbers, watching video of passes, making suggestions, etc. This was in the middle of the year so I was in ski shape and typically running into 4/5 at 38. I could barely, I mean barely run 32 on this POS. Thank god the company gave me an RA number and I did get most of my money back.
The other ski was just killing my body. I could run a decent 35 on it, but there was not even a chance to run 38. The customer service was about a B when it came to response to video analysis, text, etc. It is such a different ski and going into this ski I had a feeling this ski is designed for one person and one person only. I feel like my experience with this ski testified to that. I also had validation on my opinion in that, the person who bought it from me off SIA, called me about three weeks later asking if I would refund him and take it back. Of course he was kidding, but he stated several guys in his ski club also tried that ski and they all could not get it skiing for them. I think its part of a bench now.
As stated previously on this forum, Mike Ferraro always told me “three sets”. That’s it. If you aren’t matching or improving your practice avg. buoy count in three sets, not a ski or binding for you. Move on dot org.

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@Papawskier I could re-phrase my statement as all the skis have been “pretty good”. The only ski that I could not make any heads or tails of recently was the Goode XTR, but since everyone seems to love that ski I’ll chalk that one up to setup. I could never get a clear answer on non-slot-caliper settings for that ski, it was incredibly frustrating and I truly wanted it to work badly. Never did.