What are your goals for 2021 season?

Because of the restrictions of covid 19 last season my goals for the 2021 season are skiing with as many new and old friends and different ski sites as possible. Really just looking to having as much fun as an old fart on a ski can!
Start running 35 off consistently again would be a big plus!

Putting goals down on paper is the most important way to achieve them, I love this!

Seeing that the competitive skiing world is descending upon Illinois this year, my goals for 2021 are focused around competition this year.

  1. Get myself qualified for Regionals and Nationals in all three events.
  2. Get my brother qualified for Regionals and Nationals in at least one event, hopefully overall.
  3. Get the Lake Liberty crew all qualified for and skiing in Regionals in at least one event: @joel, @Dave91, DC and BT.
  4. Get my 5 year old on trick skis doing a side slide
  5. Get my 3 year old on combos with nothing tied together and rope right to the boat
  6. Run 28off in a tournament
  7. Earn a top 5 placement at Nationals

I’m shooting for Regionals and Nationals at Slalom, maybe Trick if I can figure more of that out.

I’d like to own 32 off, not just occasionally run it and I have 3 keys that I will try to hit on every set to achieve that:

  1. Lean vs. Pull
  2. High on the boat in the glide (req. soft transition to glide and square in glide)
  3. Stand up tall (req. glute engagement, eyes up)

My main goal is to keep my elbow strong this year. I had so many days that I could barely grip the handle last summer.

I also might just might try to do a ride over in jump. Haven’t gone over a jump since I was in college and I just hit men’s 3 this year. If I can get a ride over in Mens 3 with 1 landed jump and put some sort of points down on trick I might actually get a fairly decent 3 event score… time will tell.

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@half_past a chiropractor’s scraper, some massage cream, and some Lure cupping cups and your grip/elbows will work for you all year. Adhesions in your forearms affect the elbow tendons. @Papawskier is an actual professional Chiro so he may be able to clarify but I’ve dealt with these issues by trying to keep my forearms loose.

The last few years I’ve been working on my house a lot hoping a break from that helps. Working through some lateral epicondylitis and cubital tunnel simultaneously. Add to it chronic rib subluxations under the same side shoulder blade and sometimes my arm is an absolute mess with numbness tingling weakness and pain.

But then if I keep with my rope climbing and shoulder sphere work and manage to sleep with my arm not bent things can be pretty good. So this is a summer of rope work and an elbow sleeve with stays to keep my arm straight at night. Fingers crossed coming in from winter strong.

@joel, I am LOL!! “Actual professional Chiro”. Isn’t this an oxymoron? I do appreciate your shout out. ANYWAY…elbow? Man there are so many causations with upper extremity “issues”.
First: Course skiing is repetitive. This will at some point result in a “repetitive injury syndrome”.
Second: Course skiing demands strength. Even when done efficiently and smooth, strength is required.
Third: Off season conditioning and strengthening IS required. Especially for the older skiers. (That’s me included). What is conditioning? Well, its kind of like porn, I can’t give you a definite Webster’s dictionary definition, but I know and recognize it when I see it. I also know what its not. (Chopping fire wood in the winter, foam rolling, PiYO, Total gym at home, walking and hiking,). These are a few examples of what my ski buddies have given as “working out” over the years.
It’s called STRENGTH training, moving a heavy weight with force through gravity. Now heavy is up to you but lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying weight IS necessary.
Elbow: make sure flexibility is balanced in the shoulder girdle, elbow and wrist. Remember, forearm muscles are primary wrist and finger movers and have very little to do with elbow movement.
Extensors and flexors have to be equally balanced. Shoulder needs to have balanced and symmetrical external and internal rotation to allow elbow to move properly.
Grip plays a factor. I use two or three different diameter handles throughout the season. New rope at least every two years.
Again, this is a very superficial “rant” regarding skiers elbow issues.
I do agree most of these issues are soft tissue related. Scrapping, Massage, Flossing, and strengthening all play a role in prevention and in season maintenance.
If someone has specific diagnosis or issue, I would be happy to discuss over the phone or face time. I do have several contacts throughout the nation that are very qualified to treat this stuff.

@half_past, its my first year competing in Men’s 3 as well (although I joined the ranks last year).

Where did you ski in college?

My goal for 2021 is to ski when able.