Trick skiing forum

While I understand the focus of this site is Slalom skiing, I think we should have a forum for us slippery skiers in the Trick event.

There are a thousand reasons to love trick, but the number 1 reason ties back to the previous thread of “Growing the sport”. You don’t need a slalom course to trick. You don’t need a jump ramp and jump course to trick. You honestly don’t even need an inboard ski boat to trick. You just need a rope, a reasonably priced ski (compared to the other events), and a boat that is strong enough to pull you out of the water to have a great time! I really feel like trick skiing is what can bring skiing back to the public lakes and in the main eye. Its all the fun of wakeboarding and wakesurfing, but you don’t know need ballast and a $150,000+ boat to have fun with it.

Which brings me to a question, does anyone have a copy of the old Cory Pickos/Mike Suyderhound Beginning Trick Clinic video? I saw the advanced one is on YouTube, but I’m looking for the beginning one. This was simply the best way to teach new trickers how to do it right, and I want to make sure our new trickers (some of which are on this board) and my kids are learning the right way.

Pickos Trick Beginning

Let’s get tricky!