Slingshot Pouch Analogy

In a sport saturated with analogies, here’s another one I just thought of:

When you look at a skier who knows what they are doing and are running short lines, do they look like they are afraid of the course? Is their butt back, are their shoulders rolled forward, is their handle separated way out from their body? No. They are on the offense, not the defense.

To me, a skier who is on the offense and rocking the slalom course is like a slingshot pouch just as the ball is leaving the slingshot, delivering all of that power into the slingshot ball. Hips are forward and aligned, shoulders are back and level, they are confident and powerful into the buoy: Like this:

A skier who is skiing on the defense, probably not skiing that short of a line and not skiing consistently looks like the opposite. Hips back, arms and shoulders forward, like a slingshot just waiting to fire but effectively doing nothing:

Thoughts? Does this resonate at all?