Ski options for my abilities

Hi everyone,
Over the last 30 years I have skied on a fiberglass VTX, Radar Senate alloy (69 inch as I was 210 lbs) and now an Obrien G5 (68 inch) and weigh 170 and I am not getting any better. In this past summer I skied over 240 passes on the G5 this summer and my best score was 5 at 34MPH. I have MS and some muscle spasm issues that make my skiing inconsistent and I think because of that, I need a really forgiving ski. I free ski wide at 32 off, 34 mph with ease but can’t get there in the course.
I want to try a wide variety of skis in the spring, does anyone know where I can do that? or have suggestions for skis? I have the strength now, skiing opportunity and in 2022 I NEED to finally get through 28 off as I wish to compete again locally. It has been my goal for years and I want to show my kids how to set a goal and achieve it.
Thanks all. Not sure if I can add video of my skiing here, but I can if told how.
Thanks everyone who gives this some thought!

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OK couple things going on here.

  1. Regarding the ski- any new or used D3 2013 and newer, that’s the short easy answer if you ask me personally. O’Brien has been out of the game a little while now.

At 170lb that’s more in a 67" ski range.

At this level, it’s not the ski (again to a point- must be at least a baseline OK ski). The name of the game is to have the ski not be a factor, meaning it is not additive or subtractive as equipment. To me the best neutral player in this category is D3. Technique should the the focus but with a baseline of a good ski again not adding nor subtracting.

  1. Where to try a bunch of skis… hmmm. Well, you’ll need a ski school with a pro shop. Bennetts comes to mind immediately but there are several out there where you have a lake plus pro shop. On top of that several manufacturers offer trial programs.

  2. For posting a video just put your video on YouTube and paste the link to the video right in your post, it’ll magically work and add it to the post.

  3. In general 28 off and 32 off are no joke, those are hard passes in the course and both will require some real work. Free skiing may look similar but it’s basically a different sport completely! You can do it, I’m just leveling expectations a bit here.

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Thanks for your reply Joel. My old G5 is starting to fall apart at the tip and I find that when watching my video, my body position is often really really good. I just find that sometimes my ski turns sharper than other times. I have to force myself to wait and wait and wait for the rope to tighten. And sometimes, I come out of the turn with the rope already way too tight And my edge change an angle look good. I’m going to try and get to a school with a ski shop or set up some trails for the spring. If all goes well, I’ll try and get this done on March break. I skied way better with my old VTX than I do now. Yes of course, age is also a factor. But given the amount of skiing I do, there’s something not working right. If I had confidence in my ski, I’m sure that would change a lot.