Ski construction consistency

So here’s a question…tried a 67” GTR Connelly at my lake a month ago. Amazing ski. Ran right up rope with stock settings. It rolled onto edge going into buoy like no other ski I’ve been on. I matched my practice buoy count on that ski in one set.

Fast forward…come to Florida presently, grab a 67” GTR to demo. Can barely make 32 on it?? Doesn’t feel even close to ski I tried in Ohio one month ago.

Very disappointing and curious as to why.

@Papawskier I renamed your post to be a little more descriptive :slight_smile:

This is not the first time I’ve heard of ski construction from one ski to another being inconsistent. Flex numbers could be wildly different. Additionally (obviously) settings from one ski to the other, calipers used, etc. For such a gross variance in ski feel I’d look closely at boot position and fin type and wing angle, maybe one was running an aftermarket fin type like a CG Classic fin or something like that.

@joel. Well the calipers and settings were same, and i did both. That variable is taken out.
This ski in Florida feels stiff and hard to get going from handle grab to first white water/CL. Lots of effort and not really a “flip” or edge roll that I experienced in Ohio.
You are correct, different ski, different water depth, temp, etc. I guess I was looking forward to skiing on this ski again and now just little disappointed.

If you saw the construction technique of some brands you probably wouldn’t wonder about consistent products. Not saying Connelly is bad but there is a video (can’t remember details) of one manufacturer and there is no way that the process used would render a cocsistent product. That said FL water is different, usually for the better, definitely different.

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Here’s a little inside info. Adam Caldwell hand builds all Denalis. The only reason they are different is because he wants them to be when he is testing something. Ski companies are working on something all the time. Here’s some more inside info, I hate ski tuning but I had a front row seat to watching Adam figure out: skiing at a super high level, how to make your ski work for you and where to test it at. You won’t get better at ski tuning by leaving it alone. I have seen him take almost anybody’s ski and be able to run 39 after maybe 10 passes or less.

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