Senate Pro Build vs V Type R?

I asked this question at BallOfSpray - Forum however I think the replies might be short line glass water biased so thought I’d ask here too as more likely to be skiers at my level on wind and wakes public lakes

Background: Currently on a 2016 67" HO V type R. Very limited skiing recent years, can run occassional 46 and rare 49. Last summer had a 3 day block of coaching and loving skiing so much went boat hunting. Scored our dream boat, a 2003 Response LXi and it’ll be used on small public lake. There’s a course but due to other wakes it’ll mostly be free skiing and limited to 2 or 3 passes through slalom course in a day. With our own boat I hope I’ll be getting a couple of sets at least every spring, summer and autumn weekend and I’m now thinking about a new ski. Weigh 77kg (169lbs), age 52. My aim is firstly consistent 15 off @ 46 and working my way up to 52 or 55kph. No ambitions to progress more than that as doubt it’d be possible on small public lake with many users.

Choices: Stay on the V type R. Or something else. Based on reviews I’m thinking a 67" Omni Carbon or a 67" Senate Graphite.

Update 1: Based on ball of spray replies to above question I decided to keep V type R.
Update 2: Out of blue I’ve been offered a 2019 Senate Pro Build blank for similar price to a 2021 Senate Alloy. Seems like a good deal, however I’m concerned it may be too much ski for me, particularly as on a small lake with other boat wakes, wind and hence 80% free ski and at most 20% course.

The Senate pro will be a better ski for you, without question based on the slower speeds your skiing. Assuming the size is right. It will be more stable if nothing else.

The v type skis were a miss for HO after the success of the A1 (perhaps the biggest game changer in the last 20 years) and A2 especially.

But there’s no silver bullet and don’t sell yourself short. Get coaching, and ski as much as you can with purpose.

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Interesting you say they VTR were a miss as most reviews say they’re different but good
From ball of spray review
Up until my hardest pass, the V Type-R is my favorite HO since the A1. Once you adjust to how this ski needs to be ridden, it is one of the smoothest and flowiest skis in recent memory. As the rope gets short and I start making more errors, the ski degrades from a great ski to a good ski. It never does anything unexpected or radical, but it lacks a emergency afterburner mode I needed to get one or two more balls on my hardest pass.

I think I’ll go ahead and buy the Senate pro build. Expecting it to feel very different.

The whole vtype range was a flop the R was better than the initial vtype which was almost unrideable.

I think if you read between the lines in his review like “from great to good” you’ll pickup that it wasn’t a really great ski.

My skills aren’t even good so great isn’t necessary. LOL. First few rides on the VTR I found it very smooth and forgiving compared to the older System 8. Felt amazing.

I’m waiting on the seller of the Senate Pro Build to get back to me with photos

Agreed 100% with @Kylef. Senate PB is going to be a better ski among these choices. V-Type was not a high point for HO in any flavor.

I generally do not buy into the “too much ski for me” concept in slalom water skis. Generally I see people at all skill levels do better on better skis. Lower “level” skis feel like a price-point marketing play more than what’s truly better for a skier at a certain level.

I kinda see it like a Martin Guitar vs. some department store guitar. What guitar is going to be better for a beginner or intermediate player? The Martin!

Interesting as I thought same shape but different flex/stiffness made same shape better suited different skill and water i.e. stiff for advanced skier on glass water and softer for learner/average on mixed water. Does make some sense though as anyone jumping onto a high level bicycle for the first time can feel it’s ‘better’ but they can’t quantify what that better is.

I purchased the 2019 67" Senate Pro Build and it arrived yesterday. It’s in good condition, as per the photos the seller had sent so ahppy with that. Don’t really like the white tail so will likely get my wife to use her Cricut machine and cover it with a custom black, blue or fake carbon sticker. Shame it will be 3-4 weeks before I get a chance to try it.

Looks great. I remember a few folks I know really liking that ski when it came out.

I’ve had my first few skis on the Senate pro. It feels amazing. It feels so stable and sure footed! Initially I thought it was slow however then realised the difference is it builds speed smoothly and progressively, not the ‘ping’ acceleration I’d get from the VTR. Really helped me get my weight forward. Definitely a keeper!

Have my Animal binding and RTP on it. Hopefully this weekend get the chance to try it with Animal rear boot.

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