Second ski of summer 2022/23 - First use of ski-doc

Here’s the first video ever from my ski doc. Taken using a very old Sony Cyber-shot DSC-L1 camera. Think it was purchased in 2005. The video is a mighty 640x480 and up to 30 fps. I’m pretty impressed by the result. The camera and mount does well all considered.

My skiing not so great! That’s only my second ski this year but I really thought I was doing much better having listened to a lot of Spraymakers podcasts and making changes. To be fair I haven’t seen any video in last few summers so maybe it is actually a big improvement and I was really really bad prior! Skiing at 49kph / 30mph.

That video looks good and it also looks like a very beautiful place to ski! You may want to experiment with shortening the rope when you are free skiing like this. 28 or 32 off have a nice free-ski rhythm and very little wake.

Thanks. It was a fairly horrible cloudy day however those days tend to give the better water. When its clear sky it tends to be windy. But when you strike it right it’s like this

Location is Lake Camp in Mid-Canterbury

I’ll give that try. Will also play with higher speed as tried 52kph, 32mph for first time end of last summer.
Looks like I need to work on weight more forward (front ankle/knee forward), be taller, straighter more relaxed arms, then more lean. I anticipating the buoys will go in this weekend on the club course.