Pylon camera mounts?

Have been offered a used Ski-Doc for about half new price. Are they worth it or are some of the DIY pipe versions better?

Think I’ve answered my own question. Lots of comments on BOS about vibration problems

One of my ski buddies has been perfecting the DIY pipe version for years and it’s totally amazing. We all use it for every set. @Dave91 feel free to add some color on this.

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That’d be awesome! Seems that the ski-doc vibrate and the fix is adding a disc supported by cable loops. If the DIY pipe version works well then it’s better I make one of those rather than buy the ski-doc then immediately need to modify it

I purchased the ski-doc so will be interesting how it goes. Negotiated and got it for only NZ$60 (about US$41) so worth a try.

Didn’t come with a phone holder so will try initially with an old Sony Cyper-shot camera that’s been sitting unused for many many years. It’s from 2005 and is a mighty 4.1 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, 640 x 480 video at up to 30 fps. Technology sure has improved! Won’t be great video but worth a go. If it isn’t good enough I’ll hunt out a used GoPro as can’t justify a new one for boat use.

Can you elaborate on this a bit? Any pics/links?

Search the ball of spray forum and you’ll find heaps of threads about it, pics how to add anto vibrate plate and loops, etc.
It seems that modern gopros and old mobile phones are ok on skidoc without changes to the mount but modern mobile phones don’t handle high frequency vibration. The plate and cable loops change the resonant frequency.