Off season work out

So I cracked the nut open a little bit in a previous post about off season work outs, What is the off season work out of choice?
Weights, machines, cables, bands/tubing, body wt. movements, plyometrics, yoga, cardio or just sit on my arse and ski my way into shape when the season starts.
I am an advocate for weights, free wts with machines and cable machines mixed in. I also use TRX for some movements as well. It’s mostly functional training. I put away the body part splits. I typically do compound movements with bars or DB. I will pick 4 compound movements and do at least 4 circuits, 15, 18 to 20 reps per exercise.
HIIT at the end of a work out, 3X per week.
What’s my goal for off season training? Building a very strong base. Glutes, lower extremity, back and shoulders. When the season starts my gym training reduces significantly. I will train with wts, 2 maybe 3 x per week during the season. Nothing heavy, more just ROM movement, high volume reps.
I refer to Athlean X or Ryan Humiston on YouTube. They have really good exercise knowledge and their work out recommendations are excellent.
I know there is absolutely NO exercise that simulates what we do. But preparing the body to play tug of war with a boat from March till Nov. (ohio season) is very important, especially the older I get.

6 days a week …Planks, front , right side, left side and back.
2 or 3 xs a week… Pull up Bar exercises. 30 pull ups, 25 chin ups,15 wide pull ups, 10 behind head pull ups, 25 cross leg up, 25 knee ups, 10 right 1hand pull up, 10 left l hand pull up ( I have a ski handle wrapped around beam and hold wrist with other hand for stability)
Heavy boxing bag 5 min
I run 35 miles a week average off season and 20 miles weak on season.

I live in northern Wisconsin, so the season is pretty short. I cross country ski way more than I water ski. Strength 2-3 days per week. Mostly deadlift, bench press, pull up, overhead press, barbell squats. Cardio most other days of the week is hiking, biking, cross country skiing when conditions allow. Concept2 rowing, and ski erging a lot all year. Used to really like AthleanX. Learned a lot, but the fake plates thing and some of his workout recommendations have definitely turned me off as of late.

Normally I’d be at Crossfit 3-5x a week over the winter. Not having the ability to go to the gym is a blessing and a curse. The blessing part is I invariably hurt myself in Crossfit because I’m competitive and I push things too far in the workouts too often and doing timed Oly lifts, butterfly pull-ups, etc. over and over is an invitation for injury. The curse part is that it’s really friggin’ hard to work out at home consistently for me and I have no dedicated workout space (my little split level house has no true basement).

Now I’m just trying to manage at-home workouts every couple days and they vary wildly. They may or may not include any of the following random things:

  1. Concept2 rower: 2Ks or various guided workouts on the iPhone with the Asensei App which is actually pretty nice. The rower never lies and is an incredible workout

  2. Pullup bar. I have nice Rogue one mounted in the house above a door and it’s outstanding

  3. Kettlebells. I have a 16KG and a 24KG, if nothing else a great bare-bones workout is Pavel’s “Simple and Sinister” method. The main workout is 5 sets of 10L, 10R swings and then 5L and 5R Turkish Getups. With the 24KG this workout is no joke and it’s pretty quick.

  4. TRX, various guided workouts. I actually hate using the TRX but it is effective. I just don’t enjoy it

  5. Bodyweight movements, mainly Pushups, e.g. EMOM 10 Pushups for 10 minutes.

HOWEVER, stay tuned. I’m installing a Rogue rack and stall mats in my (unheated) garage to start spring training. Also snagged an Oly bar and some bumper plates.

@joel, yeah the jury is out on CF. (Just for me). I think it has a place in the work out regimen. I don’t think it is sustainable for “most” folks. The type of lifts that are required, the intensity, the peer pressure…all equation to some form of injury. The lifts are so technical and these type of lifts require YEARS of training and getting the proper form and explosive technique down. A 20 min. Session with a PVC pipe is not gonna do it as far as maximizing form and technique on a snatch, clean, overhead squat, etc.
I think maybe 2 or 3 CF work outs within a 7-10 days and then mix in other traditional work outs in between the CF. Please know this is just my opinion.

@Papawskier agreed 100% on the oly lifts.