Now it's March, when are you getting on the water

Anytime. I’m off all day.
6885 Lower Valley pike.
New Carlisle. Ohio. 45344.
Check out aerial view make sure it’s big enough run for you. It’s not Ohio river run but almost 4500 ft diagonal

Need me to bring gas or anything? Haven’t been on water since October so out of ski shape. I will be on my way if ok

No. Just you. I messaged you.

Let’s see some pics of the event once you guys get on the water!

River rat has the pics. He took a bunch. Just he and I so we didn’t have a third to video. Awesome day. We each took two passes. Neither of us missed a pass. Went right up the rope. Water is 50ish. Air was about 56.
R2 is a good stick. First two sets on it. Completely stock. Drop in toward gate was somewhat different from radar. Will need to investigate this more. Ski is very promising thus far. Goal is course in on Sunday.

I had a great time, only a couple of crashes to wake me up.

Well the intentions were good. Been skiing a lot. Open water. Water is 46. The camaro 2.0 is an amazing wetsuit. Can tolerate about 8 passes with comfort.
Skied yesterday. Cut it to 6 passes and started to put course in. Got to 4 ball and that was about it for the old man. So most of it is in. Should be in course by Wednesday or Thursday.
Really need rain here in ohio. We are starting the season with low water level. NEED RAIN.

Second time out yesterday, first time on the course so I slowed the boat down to 32 and ran some 28 offs. I felt very rusty but it was a blast!

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@Papawskier, Out again for 1 set this am, -28 @ 33mph felt much better

@Riverrat. Yeah I think the Denali will perform better at higher speeds.

I should have skied in morning. Flat.
I waited and unfortunately had direct head/tail. I would not have skied that in June but really wanted to test the R2 in the course.

Somebody please give me something to be more patient. Meaning take my time back to handle and gradually stack and load rope. Argh.

@Papawskier, sometimes at 1, I look down course to align with 3 and 5, then look towards mirror in boat then then across course full throttle to 2 ball and try it again but normally I just end up jumping on the handle and losing all my angle and scrap it out for a few more balls and ask myself why did I do that.
I feel your pain!