Now it's March, when are you getting on the water

River is flooded but hopefully will get on a lake within next couple of weeks.

Bennetts in late March for us!

If I’m looking by the end of April here in Wisconsin :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Wow that’s getting aggressive @Stevemarvin! Good luck on that early start!

Hey 15offers, See what i did there?
Any way…water is liquid. Next week calling for 50’s everyday and not below 30 at night, so feel safe about leaving boat on its lift. Don’t need cracked anything due to freezing.

Plan is to free ski Sunday or Monday. I will have course in within next two weeks.

Oh BTW, the NRG R 2 is purchased and shipping soon. Might as well start season on new stick.


@Papawskier looking forward to feedback on the R2!

I’ll put the boat in mid May. Might ski then, might not.

I probably will de-winterize my boat later this month, but no later than early April. Just depends on when I get to the lake and de-winterize the cabin.

Always shoot for the first weekend in April if the weather is right.

@Papawskier, so tell us, did you get wet? If so I am jealous like the rest of us 15 offers.

@Riverrat. Well the good news is the boat is completely waxed in and out. All sea dec is clean and shiny. Full of fuel.
Bad news is, big south wind, hence the 66 degree temperatures here in Ohio. If I’m getting wet in sub 50 degree water I at least want somewhat good conditions for free skiing.
Wednesday is goal now.

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@Papawskier, beautiful boat, perfect flavors.
On my run today about 12mph out of southwest.

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Well today was the day finally. 55 air, 50 water. Slight north wind but water was flat enough.
8 passes. Felt good. Had a blast. Goal is to get 2-3 more sets of free skiing before I put course in.

Sound like fun, I am jealous! Great to hear you got out.

I’m trying to put video on the reply. Can’t get it to go.

Everytime I try to do anything on computer I have to ask the nearest 5 year old to show me how.

Well you’re right river rat. I’m probably gonna have to get my 6 yr. old Gdaughter to send it.

@Papawskier, you skiing today?

Yep. Putting the reflex and kicker on the NRG R2 as we speak. Get on up here. Water was 50 on Sunday. No course though. Just open water.

What time and where, I am a couple hours away