New boat - Malibu Response

Bit of an update, we’ve just brought a boat! A 2003 Malibu Response LXi

It’s been a long time coming and there’s a story behind it……………
We had a 2002 Response LX from 2006 to 2011. During those years I progressed from learning to ride slalom ski through to almost always running course at 46kph (28) 50% at 49 (30), and a few balls at 52 (32). Lake time was more about getting my kids skiing hence why I wasn’t running more than that. Loved it and it was one of the only times my mind would completely relax from work stresses.

It was gutting to sell it however needed to things changed for us when our city experienced a 6.2 magnitude earthquake centred under it’s CBD at only 5km depth. There were never before anywhere in the world recorded vertical ground accelerations. 185 deaths, many broken buildings, infrastructure devastated, etc. Our house was broken but repairable so we were lucky. Having a boat was not a necessity.

Skip forward about 5yrs our house finally gets fixed by insurance and we begin to recover. Another couple of years later and we decide we need a getaway place so buy a small holiday bach (50m2 cottage) at a lake that’s 1:40hr drive from home. Desperately miss boat now as there’s others out enjoying the lake. Mostly outboards, a few jet boats and the occasional tournament boat. Lots of watching, not doing. Get to know some people and invited for the occasional tow. 5 to 10 sets per summer. Some, better than nothing however want more skiing!

So we’ve been watching the cents, saving hard, paying off debts and of course watching local boat sales. The falling interest rates really helping but covid not so with prices going up. Even considered importing from USA, high risk though and exchange rates variable. An USA based US$10k boat is double that once in NZ after paying shipping, fumigation, insurance, duties, taxes, fees, etc. Everything here for sale was much older than the 02 RLX we had. When there was something even slightly better we always missed out as too slow spotting the deal in limited market, or the boats had issues, price too high for its hours or condition, etc.

However a month ago a 2003 Response LXi gets listed online. Within 20mins of it being listed I’ve seen the advert and my wife has already asked a question to the seller. That was the signal to me she’s really keen and permission to buy granted! :blush:

It’s white with the blue and has grey minor colour. White blue is our favourite combo so fate maybe? When we had the LX we wanted a LXi but couldn’t afford one. Now we have one. One step back and two forwards?

It was over 1000km from home so not ideal and covid prevented an in person pre purchase inspection but we did the deal anyway. Sometime you need to take risks! Also we decided it’s not something we’ll have a short time, we’ll have it for 10-20yrs so minor defects could be dealt over time.

Has Monsoon 340, perfect pass, heater, shower, manual wedge, black titan 3 tower (the curvy tower) with ski and wakeboard racks, black braked tandem trailer with alloy wheels, a really good canvas road cover, a separate bow cover, a Scarpa barefoot plate and a Rolco training boom. There’s a few cometic things to tidy up (some vinyl stitching to repair, boarding platform to oil, etc) but overall its in great condition for 18yrs old. About only thing it doesn’t have is a bimini but that’s an easy future add. Will likely replace the stereo head unit sometime as has no auxiliary input or Bluetooth. Not essential but a nice to do and low cost as head unit only. Won’t be replacing the factory original speakers though as we’re no fans of obnoxious loud music boats.

Rapt with it and so excited to have a boat again! In the days before the big roadie to go collect it felt like a kid pre-Christmas waiting for Santa. Not often that happens as an adult. :smiley:

Sadly we won’t get many weeks use out of it before it’ll need to be drained for winter and won’t come out again until Sept or Oct. The lake only freezes for a few days mid-winter so in theory we could ski say 50 weeks a year but the problem is the location is off grid, no electricity, no garage and does get down to -10degC overnight sometimes.

Question: If you were skiing at 46kph and wanting to improve what current ski would you be riding? Omni? Senate?
I’ve got my old 66” HO System 8 (2007?) and have use of my sons 67” (2017?) HO VTR. It’s so much more forgiving than S8, accelrtes better, carves much better.

The 03-06 Response is an awesome boat. Great find particularly in NZ! Awesome news. If it has the ETX manifolds make sure they aren’t leaking around any of the welds.

For the ski question- Lots of folks around here have Senates and like them. I also think any D3 made after about 2012 would be a good safe choice. I think the HO S2 was an awesome ski for all speeds and can be found cheap. I don’t think it necessarily needs to be a “wide” ski or a ski “made for” slow speeds though others may disagree there. My wife skis best on a 2015 Lithium Vapor at 26-30mph in the course, she refuses to replace it! Which reminds me that the 2014 (green) 2015 (blue) and 2016 (Orange and black) Vapors were 3 amazing skis for all abilities if you can find them.

No leaks :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look around for the skis you’ve suggested. I was staggered by the difference between my S8 and son’s newer VTR. Recently he’s become a bit more protective of it so I really should get my own newer ski. Or perhaps I just say if he wants a tow he has to let me use his ski :wink:

@colin.pearson, I had a 2004 response lxi, skied great and one of the best looking boats ever. Let’s see the pictures of your new boat.

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@colin.pearson Congratulations on the purchase. I am sure you and your family will enjoy it for a long time.

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Not a great photo but here it is

Awesome, I think the 03-06 were some of the best Malibu ski boats ever made, excellent choice.

Thanks Joel. Bit a dream really! So fortunate to have it.

Nice looking boat. I have skied behind one of those many times, and it skied great.

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