Nate's edge change at 32 off

How is Nate able to do his edge change so early?


Is he generating his speed prior to the wake and then just because his alignment is so good he doesn’t get pulled out of position? Or is he still getting his max lean at center line?

Correct, his position is efficient, he is leaning (not pulling), and he is not over-pulling. He’s riding a sustainable amount of load with alignment from the white wash to the wake.

At the end of the day I’d argue this doesn’t matter, as in where the edge change occurs can vary by skier. Good solid alignment and lean mechanics are the goal, a directional edge change being nice and tall and centered wake to ball are the result. Look at Allie Nicholson, she changes edges way later as an extreme example. You’ll see lots of skiers who change in the white wash about as ski length later than Nate above.

So this is Allie at 35 off:

Would you say, though, that her maximum load is before the whitewash?