My 2022 Slalom Pyramid - What's yours?

One of the keys to growing and moving forward in your slalom journey is to not repeat the same old mistakes over and over. As such I use this pyramid layout to make sure I’m repeatedly hitting keys every set out there. I revise this almost every week.

The words chosen here are what resonate with me. This is important. YOU need to find your own words if you do this, and I change them all the time as I close the feedback loop on what worked and what did not work each set.

The bottom layer is “What does it take to own -28 or 14.25M?”

The second layer is “What does it take to own -32 or 13M?”

The top layer is 35 but I’m not there yet so it’s blank right now and will be filled in soon as the season evolves.

What do you folks do to keep yourself accountable for the foundations of your skiing every set? Any feedback on this?

@Joel: This is very good. This would be good written down on tape which is somewhere on the top of your ski. I notice Chelsea Mills and Cole McCormick have blue tape on their skis. I can’t make out what is written there, probably settings. This would be good to have up by the tip so when you let down at each end you could stick ski up above water and literally review.
Chet is really big on having a check list prior to your set. He compared it to pilots. Just go through exactly what you are going to do from pull out, glide, gate, etc.
As humans we learn by repetition so anything like this is valuable.