Hello... How's everybody skiing?

Hey gang, quick update from my end:

Skied regionals and nationals this year, that was an amazing experience. Both were at the same location and only about 1.25 hrs from my house so really no excuse not to go. PB’d at regionals with 4.5@32off in a pretty big tail wind. At nationals I wasn’t feeling great (some sort of food poisoning) and it was even windier so I was happy to just make my opener to some degree, then fell right at 2 ball @28. First missed 28 in a long time at that point, oh well.

Skiing has been good, really working on fundamental stuff currently. The kind of stuff that is the difference between skiing 32 off occasionally and owning 32 and into 35. At this point in my skiing “career” these are big changes that take a lot of faith to trust that they are the right thing to do, even if they don’t “seem” right.

What are you all working on and how has your summer gone?

Congrats on qualifying for Nats, Joel. That is a HUGE deal and you should be very proud, even if the skiing there was not what you had hoped. Is the experience addictive enough to spend several thousand dollars to attend it in FL or CA? Be interesting to see this time next year. Did you ever hear a head count on number of entries at Nats? And again, congratulations.

I think the experience was good enough to travel to the next one for sure, and it gives me a goal with a timeframe- through 35off by next nats. Didn’t get a head count.

Well done Joel. Feels good to challenge yourself.

I’m waiting for summer! Plan will to start late October and I’ll be using my son’s 67" 2016 HO V Type R. Another plan is to try double boot again as rear Animal has been sitting on shelf for years. Got it with my System 8 and started to like it however I shared that ski with son and he hated it so we used RTP from then on. As an aside I asked on ball of spray if Omni or Senate might help at my 46/49 @ 18.25 (15 off) however advice seemed to be use the VTR rather than get a different ski.