Hello 2022... Anyone skiing yet?

Looks like we could have a nice early spring here in the midwest. How’s it going with everyone? Are you ready to ski or what?

Still skiing :slight_smile: but only for another 6-8 weeks before there’s too much chance of frost to leave boat at lake :sleepy:
It has not been a very active skiing summer for me here in New Zealand. Pre Christmas was 3 months of DIY building boat storage / entertainment area every weekend and then post Christmas both son and daughter got married so that was more weekends used up. Since then have got a bit of skiing in however often windy and being on public lake not not flat water.
Really enjoying the Senate Pro build though. Feels great free skiing and in course at 49kph.
Our Response LXi is going great too. Receive lots of positive comments about it.

Not skiing yet in Northern Kentucky. Temperatures have been up and down every week; just waiting for them to settle into constant warmth. Still need to reinstall the battery and impeller before I can turn the key.

I am looking at getting out in the next couple weeks.

@joel: started March 20. Water was 50. Took two days to put buoys back onto the subs. Our spring and early summer has been awful. WIND!! Lately I have been waiting till 7:30 or 8 in the evening to ski. Water today was 75. Out of rubber. Skiing pretty well for early season.

Our start has been slow this season too. I’m about 3-4 buoys away from where I want to be. -28s are run every set but they are dicey. -32 feels good into and around one but I over-lean/pull into 2 and fall at 2. 1 ball feels like I can smoke the whole pass, swimming at 2 ball. Trying too hard, not working the ski.