Finally feels like I'm getting it

4th ski of this summer and got this photo. So proud of it as my position is finally getting there. The half folded pocketknife has gone :slight_smile:

Then this happened. Still plenty to learn :rofl:

Remember to keep head in the air and ski on the water & not the other way around :-) - YouTube

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My first ever 6 @ 49kph yesterday. Felt really easy so really pleased :grin:

Have skied a reasonable amount over summer. 2 or 3 tows per weekend. However quality has varied a lot. Being public lake had occassionally have lake to ourselves and mirror, but typically a tow is about 10 minutes each and 1, perhaps 2 passes through course. Usual is 20 - 25 wake crossings down the lake being careful to avoid other boat & jetski wakes, turn across to other side of lake where the course is (rules are we have to do a anticlockwise circle of the lake), 1 pass through course, then generally another lap. Rarely is the second lap much use as knee high roller during most of it.
Attending a club ski school this Thursday Friday. Hopefully being weekdays there will be no other boats and coach can give me pointers so that my body position becomes more consistent.

Awesome, congrats! Sound fun.

Thursday & Friday skied until my hands bled (fatigued on second day, missed a start and even with gloves tore a blister open).
Still a lot to learn. Coach had me working on increasing my counter rotation and getting hips a little more forward.
Photo is 7am on the dock waiting for first tow of the day. The water stayed like that most of the day and the 8 of us students skied 7am to 4:45pm. Most skiers did 5 or 6 ‘sets’ of approx 15mins duration. Most was out of the course working on technique.

Amazing photo! Thanks for the update!