"correct grip"?

So I must be terribly confused, which would result in me being wrong for A LOT of years concerning this topic. (Some low hanging fruit there for you @joel)

I am LFF. I hold the handle with left palm down, right palm up. As stated previously, I have been coached by a lot of excellent skiers/coaches. Not one coach or skier has ever said, hey it would help if you had the correct grip.

Question? (Dwight Schrutt) Is there a correct grip? I “thought” my grip position was correct in this ski community.

Question? Does it matter? To honor another topic on this forum, “myth busters” I am going to try this “reversed” grip starting this season. Depending on the result, I may continue with it.

It seems to me there probably is not a “correct” grip position, but just a position on the handle that feels comfortable to the skier. It’s like what foot you ski forward. When I was learning to slalom back in the day, I was kicking a ski. I would kick the ski that didn’t have the RTP on it. I could “ski” with either foot forward doing this, but trying deep water start, it became very apparent LFF was what I needed to do to be successful getting out of the water.

Just another crazy variable to think about while running the slalom course.

I’m RFF, right palm down. Super natural for me and something I never thought about starting off and learning slalom (late in life, I think I first got up on slalom in my early 20’s).

Same goes for a deadlift mixed grip for me, again without even thinking about it.

I trick with both palms down as most people do and that’s very natural for that particular sport as well. Mixed grip on trick feels really odd.

I also get up with both hands down in slalom and I’ll usually stay both hands down setting down on either side of the course and going around turn islands or turn-ins to the course.

So it appears as though RFF with right palm down and vice versa for LFF is the “correct” or accepted grip position.
I still think I will try it backward for a few sets when spring arrives. I usually free ski several sets before I start in the course, so this will give me something to try.

@joel, I nothing of “trick”. Is this a magic show thing you do?
also @joel, be careful using the reversed grip with deads. In my history of lifting and working on cross fitters, body builders and power lifters, the only time a bicep has torn performing deadlifts is with the reversed grip you described. I used to do the same grip as you described but I have switched to palm down with both hands. Just an observation.

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You’re already using the proper grip for left foot forward.

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Yes I have always thought so. That’s why I said I must be confused or wrong. I didn’t think I was wrong but I didn’t want to assume.

I still think I may try it in the spring. What could go wrong?

I have always thought that the way you grip the slalom handle is the same as you grip a baseball bat, and this seems to be what is considered the “correct grip” as pointed out above. So if you bat right-handed, your left foot is forward in the batter’s box, and you grip with the left palm down and right palm up. Batting left-handed is opposite.

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First time posters Edmund and Teresasamad! Welcome.

I use the correct grip when I’m up but I do both palms down during a deep water start.

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SkiDad. It is interesting how people adjust their deep water start techniques to best help them get up and going. I know skiers who also use two palms down with good success. I might have used it once or twice just to see how it feels. But for me, I get a stronger deep water start using my regular slalom grip; I can keep both elbows down and in closer to my core. However, I am always open to new techniques for anything that will improve my skiing because I sure need it!

That’s an interesting one - typically I also have everyone start both palms down but more so that it promotes keeping your arms straight and if you do more than just slalom skiing most every other water sport trick/jump/boarding/combos/footing uses a flat grip.

So I only teach DWS with a flat grip.

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I have had left shoulder, both hands and right knee surgery. I am LFF and left palm up, I have been told many times by other skiers I was doing it wrong but I can hardly run a pass the other way. So that’s the correct wrong grip for me.

@Riverrat. Are you opining this May be the cause of all your orthopedic surgeries?
At this point in your ski career do you think changing grip would result in more buoys? More efficient skiing? Less injury?
From what I’ve read on other sites, some folks have had no trouble switching and doing it correctly. Some have had difficulty. It’s like switching from rear boot to kicker. Some do it within three passes, some can’t make the change. I’m not sure it makes a huge difference. However when you come ski with me this year I’ll take note and make an opinion.

@Papawskier, sounds great to me, thanks