CG Fin for non Denali ski

So I see Denali is having a “sale” on their heralded CG fin. I would love to try one of these, but hesitant to pull the trigger because I’m not sure it will fit in the 2019 Radar Pro Build that I am currently skiing. Anyone have any experience with the CG in a non Denali ski?

Meh I’d pass on the whole idea personally.

@joel, Really? Please explain

These are just my own ramblings and assumptions on this topic, but here we go.

  1. I have to imagine the folks at Radar (and HO, and D3, etc.) have not thought about the fin, I know they’ve flat out said it on BOS.
  2. We’ve seen pros that have had an aftermarket fin, then went back
  3. I tried a CG Classic fin last summer. I liked it because I feel like it gave me more forgiveness onside, then put the stock one back in and forgot about it and PBd later that summer. I do like that CG Classic is just a slight variation, it’s a neat thing but I know my problem is technique ball to wake, not the fin. I also tried the WF and took it off after 1 set last year.
  4. If there’s one thing that’s been constant in the past 20 years of amazing WR skiing and amazing skiers of all shapes and sizes running all different brands and types of skis and materials, it’s the fin, it’s a pretty “a-ok” design by all accounts.

This is also another one of those things where you’ve gotta be specific about what this equipment is going to do specifically. What very specifically are you solving for?

OK @joel,

  1. I agree, the fin is an after thought. It’s like the insoles in a $200 pair of running shoes. Both New Balance and Brooks reps have told me they spend less than two cents and zero thought when putting those in a shoe. Probably same for skis and fins.

  2. I am not sure how much fin management exist at the Pro level of skiing. When I approach this topic with skiers i know, they all immediately respond “i really can’t tell you the last time I really check my fin. “. They may have to go back to the stock fin due to sponsorship interest, etc?

  3. Well could have been in better ski shape latter in summer, more confident in stack, technique, better conditions, warmer water, you’re stronger, driver…lots of variables. I am not saying CG is be all end all. Believe me…I wasted 7 weeks of my short ohio season trying the C75. ARGH. Still makes me mad. But I would really like to fix, correct or improve my 2/4 technique and perhaps this Foot Forward specific fin will assist that.

  4. Yes considering the majority of our small community run the stock fin, agreed. However, I have witnessed skiers improve technique with changing a fin or wing. I myself have had this happen, Nano 1…Chet placed a ventral fin on my fin while i was skiing with him, bam… that little ventral really helped keep the Nano 1 down on both sides and that’s when i really started crushing 35. Tried ventral on some other skis since the Nano…nothing changed.

My specific reason to try the CG is hoping the approach from CL to buoy 2 and 4 will be less mechanical and stiff, allowing the ski to cast out, maintain speed and yet turn with speed and not allow the ski tip to rise up. I cannot tell you how many upper level skiers watch me ski and all have said, “if you could get your 2/4 75% as good as 1,3,5, you’d own 38”.

Other reasons i have interest: Cheaper than a new ski, Nothing really to lose by trying it, If I don’t try it i could perhaps miss more sleep than I already do.