Binding space with RTP

I never could get my foot in good on my Radar ARTP so I switched to a Wiley extra wide. How do you measure the spread with a RTP. This is my current setup which I will be trying this week.

Mine have always been as close together as possible as that’s what I read sometime was the correct thing to do. Using HO front and rear there’s a small gap between the plates when they’re in matching holes (usually middle holes). Looks like your brand combo would have similar small gap if you had the rear plate in the matching holes with front plate.

My guessing if same plate holes don’t give a natural small gap you’d place them as close together as possible so that rear toes don’t quite hit the heal of the front binding.

FYI I ride a Radar ski with HO bindings that’s stored in an O’Brien bag and towed by Masterline rope gripped with HO gloves while wearing O’Neil wetsuit and Jet Pilot vest :rofl:

It seems like the rear plate spacing is generally personal preference. Set the front boot where it has to go, then the rear goes where it’s comfortable to you. Try a couple different spots. Some like more spacing for independent foot control, some like it as close as possible, but no hard and fast rule.

This is how I ran my old binding - as far as I could get it - i could usually barely see my toes sticking out so I think even where I have the Wiley will get my toes 1/2" closer and I guess I will experiment. Mostly trying to generate conversation.

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Lapoint says he uses 12” heal to heal regardless of foot size. I run mine as close as possible which gives me 11.25 heal to heal. I did try 12” and honestly it wasn’t much of a difference, but I preferred closer. I wouldn’t sweat the measurement.

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