Bennett's - Spring Break 2021

Just got back from our 13th (or so) trip to Bennett’s. Unbelievably it’s been 4 years since we were last there (2017), but you’d never know it from how friendly and familiar everyone is there.

What’s ski school like during COVID19? Totally fine. Most of the employees are vaccinated, everyone respects distancing, and you’re outside all the time anyway. Absolutely no worries there whatsoever. Last season they had zero outbreaks there as well.

Weather was dicey but certainly could have been worse. Bit of wind and colder temps, lots of rain. Still managed 3 sets a day, 15 sets. 3 trick sets, 12 slalom.

So much to share, so much to discuss.

Water temp was colder, probably mid to upper 60s throughout the week. Skied a bit harder than usual, at least to me. My opener (22/34) was dicey the whole week but I overwhelmingly ran it, and did so in pretty solid head/tail situations over and over. One set was 5x22 and I just barely missed the sixth. That’s a lot of buoys in March!

28 was hard to come by this trip. I felt just narrow and tippy and separated but still ran a couple including quite possibly the most ridiculous completed 28 ever made by man. But, tired, sore, and busted hands for sure makes things tough this time of year. Even 4 years ago I ran way more buoys than this trip, at shorter lines, which worries me a little. Hopefully shook out all the rust for the year.

Tried a brand new NRG R2 while I was there, felt exactly the same as my Evo-S, at least at 22 and 28. As easily as I normally buy skis I could not justify it as if I was blindfolded I’d have no idea that I had changed skis. At least not at this level and at this time in the season.

2021 Mastercraft seemed really nice, wake seemed unremarkable/good/normal (as in not crazy there or not there), fit and finish inside seemed very very nice. Would totally buy one if I didn’t already have my dream boat.

More to come as I think about it, I’ll get some pics up too.

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wow. those are some incredible conditions. my lake lays like that O dark thirty and late evening during the spring. Love that. hope you skied well.
Are you able to ski in Il yet?