Basics - How do you edge change after centerline?

What are the basic mechanics to make this happen. What are you doing with your feet, hips and handle?

The edge change is a result of good alignment and even line tension out of the previous buoy. So if you finish your previous turn, lean and hold across the wake, body generally in alignment, your body will follow that handle arc/path and the ski will flip over to the turning edge.

When we do not see an edge change is when too much tension is created behind the boat and the skier and the handle start skiing separate paths after the wake because the approach into the wakes was not made with a “lean” instead it was made with a pull. That means the ski is then going to run flat and direct to the next buoy and you’ll be begging your ski to slow down, change edges, AND turn all at once which is rarely successful!

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Hi @joel
I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean.

Let’s suppose you’ve come around, say, 2-ball and you’re in a good lean obviously on the ski’s right edge but then you just keep holding that position all the way across the wake and maintain it right through to 3-ball, then you’ll simply still be on the ski’s right edge, right up next to the boat.

So, something has to initiate that edge change. I’ve seen a video (I think by Joel Howley) where he mentions almost sucking the knees up a bit, basically releasing the tension created between the ski and the water, to allow the ski to flip to the other edge. Where does this movement begin?

Great question @SkiDad! I was actually just wondering about this.

Howley is most likely describing deep shortline technique.

Possibly but there still has to be some positional change that initiates the edge change else we’ll end up on the same edge right across on the other side

if you stay connected with handle at hips thru centre line the boat will stand you up over the ski. It’s important to remember your upper body does not move thru the edge change. Essentially your legs and feet must move separate from your upper body. You shouldn’t really feel any change in tension since your upper body will be away from the boat still. What you will feel is the presssure on your ski decrease as it advances slightly ahead of you. It’s not a big move it really is just a slight advance of feet/hips and the ski will roll smoothly to the turning edge. I don’t ever think of softening my legs or ankles, in fact I am trying to be as strong and tall as possible. I do think I like to feel the power thru my front foot at all times.


I was skiing last week and I think i started to get it… I was pulling too long and not aggressive enough. I started pulling harder and stopping at the 2nd wake and it was casting my ski out and edge changing almost on it’s on. Still gotta work on not letting my legs get straight at the turn - switched skis 3 weeks ago and still adjusting to how to stand on it. Great thread keep it up!

@dano that’s right on the money!