Basics - How do you arc a turn?

I know this forum hasn’t been getting enough traffic so I thought I would make a few threads for people like me stuck at 15 off. 1st full year with course access and I can get around a 2 ball at 28 mph. So how do you arc a tight turn with 1 hand. Can you break it down what goes through your head … what are you doing with your weight, feet, lean, handle, etc.


I’d almost look at it this way: How can you make the turn with both hands on the handle? Skiing two-handed at longer lines and slower speeds is going to help your fundamentals tremendously. It’s going to teach you how to change edges on the ski with both hands on the handle, THEN turn instead of the turn and edge change being the same thing. Stick with this and see if you can run two handed passes at least once per set.

Regarding exactly what I’m thinking in the turns- it’s different for each side. Generally I’m thinking tall, level shoulders, chest square or slightly out away from the boat, body aligned into the turn. Consistent line tension out to the buoy, nothing sudden or forced, hips leading the change in direction out of the turn, handle comes back to outside hip, lean and hold/freeze across the boat.

how does one do a 2 handed turn properly?