Ballpark Value for 2004 Malibu

What do you think a ballpark value is for a 2004 Malibu Response Lxi in excellent condition with around 300 to 400 hours? Monsoon engine, PerfectPass, and collapsible tower. Also a wakeboard wedge. Classic red stripe along the side. Original trailer in very good condition.

Due to health reasons, a good friend is going to have to sell his boat soon but was just wondering about its value; a rough estimate. I will go to the storage unit within a few days to take a close look at it and look for nicks and dings. I have skied behind it numerous times in the past, but only about once a year the past few years. I know an exact value depends on a lot more than I know with certainty right now, but we need a ballpark figure immediately (for some paperwork). I did not see anything close on ski-it-again, and no luck on other web searches. It is located near Louisville, Kentucky. My friend cannot travel and I will probably be the person who will handle the sale for him. Thanks.

It’ll get snapped up very quickly. I can’t comment on US prices but from what I’m seeing daily they’re rising quickly at the moment. People paying above original manufacturer prices. I suggest you look or ask on and these Facebook groups “Malibu Response Owners”, “Malibu Direct Drive Boats (Response/Skier/Sportster/Echelon/Sunsetter/XTi)”, “Malibu & Axis Boat Owners Page”. There’s others too.

I’d be asking 20 and looking for 18 with out more detail.

Thanks @colin.pearson and @half_past
I will be doing more research before we post it for sale. We will go ahead and use 18 for the immediate paperwork, and then after I inspect it closely, we will start at least at 20.

Definitely don’t underprice it. Just listed today on facebook “Inboards Only Buy/Sell/Trade” there been listed a 1994 Echelon for $18k. It’s mint with 176 original hours, stargazer, etc but comparing a 1994 Echelon to a 2004 LXi I know which I’d choose!

I will definitely do more research on prices before I list it for him. A 215-hour, mint 2002 Malibu Response was just listed on ski-it-again for $27,000. It is in Canada, so I am not sure if that is Canadian or US dollars on the price. If CAD dollars, that converts to around $21,500 US.