Anybody there? Hello 2023 skiers!

Hey Gang, where is everybody? Do we still want to try keeping this site going? LMK what you think. I still think it’s by far the best forum software out there, but maybe this sport only needs one forum?

It’s always good to have another place to go to. BOS is good if can shortline, or are interested in that level of skiing, but I feel like users there don’t get much guidance if they’re not already running shortline. This site, by nature it’s own name, has a less elite feel.

Joel, The Professor is still here! I enjoy the reads and hope my contributions help but I’m afraid the slalom thingy is a dying sport. It’s not quite on oxygen but creeps ever closer with each passing year. I thank you for supporting a forum but certainly understand if you decide to close up shop.

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Agree, nice format. I was part of -15 v1.0 years back and just discovered it again a yr ago. And BOS are the other two forums I’m aware of.


Sorry for the delay I had to remember my password. Anyhow I like the forum and even though I also like BOS I feel a little intimated to post stuff there. I hope you keep this running and willing to contribute if that is what it takes.

I’m still working on 15 off and coming up on my 2nd year of having access to a course. Should be my 3rd but I got really sick in 2021 and didn’t ski much. I have 3 radar skis. Session (because I was sick) - this got me going again last year - got my deep water starts perfected and got my confidence back - doesn’t spray much so no cool factor and as wide as a bus. I could easily ski that thing at 20 mph if I wanted to. Moved to my P-6 in August - still a wide ski but it turns nice but can still allow me to slow down. Theory - my favorite ski but likes at least 28 mph at my weight.

I don’t think slalom is dying - i my area we just opened a lake in 2020 and we have 12 boats and about 20 families. All 3 of my boys slalom - my 21 year old make me look bad!