Am I ready to shorten the line to 22 off?

So lately I am nailing the gates and find I am turning before ball one, really wide. I know I am taking too much energy into the ball and can make adjustments for that quite easily. Given that I’m able to ski the course really wide and be waiting for each ball fairly consistently, I find when I fail, which is still fairly often, it’s because it feels like I’m just waiting for the turn balls in frustration.
Is it time for me to start shortening the line so I can continue building my aggressive technique? I’m not at all consistent at completing 32mh/15 off but much of that is due to the frustration that I feel when I’m waiting for the ball and my impatience.
There is only a month or so left to my season unfortunately.

Tri-skier, The short answer to should you shorten the line is…YES! You should occasionally, maybe every other set, shorten and reduce speed to where you are still in control and subject yourself to more speed, more tempo, more technique demands. Get to where you love the natural whip of the boat with a shorter line. Don’t stay at anything for long seeking perfection. Keep nibbling up the line and/or increasing speed, and I repeat, all under control! No ridiculous, out of control falls.

Good luck and enjoy the rest of your season,
The Professor

There really should be no aggressive technique required through 32 off. Lean, hold, turn, repeat, all level, square, and with consistent line tension throughout. “Enough to get around the buoy” is good technique at any line length so no need to overdo anything.