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Running into a wall on blue? Let’s talk about 35 off here.

So in my journey through this silly sport it is my observation that 35 off is the first loop in the rope that requires “staying connected “ to the power source. In other words letting the boat and rope swing you where you need to go and allow ski to do what it is designed and intended to do.
For transparency sake, I rarely miss a 35. So I am not speaking in a topic I don’t have personal familiarity with.

So @joel asked for post: I’ve observed really good skiers get an amazing “flip “ at CL or soon into the second white water. I say flip but it’s a definitive roll from outside cutting edge to inside turning edge. It appears as though skiers actually lift or release their knees and this allows the ski to perform this maneuver.

Sometimes I do it and really get it. Other times it seems as though the ski is stuck Into the water which does not allow the roll to automatically happen. I read and studied ski set up for this is a shallow fin. This is great for the automatic roll to edge as well as ease of turning the ski. However now I run risk of blowing out the tail.

So question is: How shallow for fin? How to generate angle or speed into CL to allow ski to “flip” ? At 34.2 MPH when do you start this maneuver?