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Hey 15 offers. I just got back from Chet’s. I have been going there for years. I had not been back since 2018, but this season I just felt it was necessary to get some objective input on my skiing from the master. If you have not been to ski with Chet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. I can’t say it any plainer. Chet is an amazing person, coach and skier. He is encouraging in his coaching technique and I always learn from my visit.

The weather is fantastic in Boca. Water was 89. Yeah, so take plenty of gloves. Liners and/or palm protectors are a must for us northerners. The warm water will tear your hands up if not careful.

So my ski demons live on my off side, 2/4. We worked exclusively on this issue. Work is done at your easier passes or maybe one above that. So for me, repetition was done at 32 and 35. Of course the rope was pulled in to 38. At some point it is important to implement the new stuff to the hardest pass.

The other thing about Chet’s is you will bump into professional skiers. I am not a star struck person but what other sport can you sit next to a legit pro skier and discuss their 2/4. The best part of this conversation was she did not actually know what Chet and I had been working on, but she literally repeated Chet’s instruction verbatim. That was encouraging and reinforcing.

Other positives on this trip: Okaheelee ski park is close, approximately 20-25 minutes north, so you can ski there if you have any energy left.
The beach is close and the water is gorgeous.
Plenty of neat places to eat and visit.
For the car heads, OMG its literally an exotic car show, with the cars actually being driven.
The yachts you’ll see on the intercostal. Unbelievable.

Go. Enjoy. Learn. You will not regret it.