3 Slalom Truths from Watching TWBC Webcasts

First of all, TWBC is AMAZING and being able to watch waterskiing on TV multiple weekends this year has been just unbelievable.

No matter what skier is skiing and what line they are skiing, there are 3 things they all do:

  1. Their shoulders never rotate inward toward the boat in any turn. In other words they turn with their lower body ONLY. Their shoulders never rotate enough to cross a plane 90 degrees to the boat wake.

  2. They never hinge at the hips.

  3. They all have a very high gate and turn in from that high point.

No matter what their style is, all of the above is very consistent skier to skier. Keeping it simple and focusing on the basics is the key to progressing. I’d ask yourself if you’re doing all 3 things next time you’re in the slalom course. Thoughts?

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I will try. I won’t achieve.
Oh well, plenty of room for improvement :joy:

I do agree that the broadcast have been very enlightening and I also have noticed certain attributes of skiing short line that I am not able to achieve.

I would comment that the only person I see hip hinge is Will and this is usually at 1 and or 3 at 39 or shorter. It’s odd but he does it fairly consistently.

Overall it is remarkable that this many skiers are consistently running these short line lengths, especially off the dock in a run off situation.

Two primary things I notice regarding skiing short rope:

The reach is actually forward pre buoy.
They “ride” the rope across course with little to no pressure down onto the ski.