2021 Season Skiing Updates (Videos Included)

Thought I’d throw a couple videos on here from last week to show skiing progress from last year to this year.

Overall my big keys besides a pretty solid gate script are “holding and trusting” angle instead of “pulling like crazy” as well as a nice high gate drop-in with the front of the ski. The only turn thoughts I’m thinking are just being level particularly in and through 1/3/5, trying to turn more with the lower body vs. upper body. You’ll see out of 1/3/5 I may leave my hips behind a bit but you’ll see them clear through at centerline at least, that’s something that wasn’t happening before. Ideally the more I can “slide the hips left” to turn vs “turn my upper body”, the better this will get combined with not going 10/10 against the boat out of the turn.

Better than last year? What do you think? Here are 2 28 offs and one 32 off.

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Nice skiing, Joel. Looking good.

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Joel. I am several steps below your level, running 22’ off at 32 mph. But what is making skiing more fun for me is concentrating on keeping my body as straight as possible from the waste up, flexing my knees a little more to take the shock out of the wake, and leaning away from the boat more. When I can actually put them all together, I get a smooth pull cross course and a nice glide to the buoy. Plus, I feel like I am not fighting the boat like I used to.

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Edmund, that’s great. I’m really trying to focus on being tall and level on the ski as much as possible in this post-season time right now. Currently trying to push the inside hip forward in the preturn and as part of that straighten the back leg vs. folding at the waist to execute turns. The hope is that this keeps me in better shape through the turn to exit the turn with less separation.