2021 Radar Pro Build

Just demoed a 67” 2021 Radar PB. Very nice ski. I have been riding the 2019 version of the radar PB. It has been a wonderful ski for 3 full seasons. The 2021 feels a slight bit faster from buoy to CL. It turns effortlessly especially the offside. I did find it easy to allow the ski to roll on inside turning edge soon and yet the ski carried out to create space. The passes were done is extreme head tail wind conditions. I was able to run 28’s and 32’s which is typical. I did not attempt 35. I will report back following more passes with better conditions.

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Well skied second set today on the radar PB 2021. Ski is a very good ski. Second set, matched practice average in not so good conditions. The ski turns very good. I do notice the ski is a bit faster from “back on handle to the CL.” The ski is stable. I never felt out of control and the ski really handled the wind chop very well. Big shout out to the RADAR nation guys for supplying fin settings and recommendations.

If you are on an older ski and looking for a new ski that can get you down the line, this is a great ski for you.

One interesting attribute I found on the 2019 PB was how “level” it rides front to back. It feels very flat/level and gets under the line onside (2/4 for me) really aggressively. Assuming the 2021 has those attributes too?

@joel. I would say more speed from “handle grab to CL.” I don’t have my 2019 PB set up to snap turns. I did notice when I put the whisper fin on it for a VERY SHORT TIME, the turns were way too aggressive. My 2/4 (off side) is my weak link. Everyone says if my 2/4 were 50% as good as 1, 3, 5 I would run 38 all the time. It definitely comes under the line quickly at 1,3,5 for sure.

I really enjoyed the 2021 PB. Just not enough difference for me to pay that much for one.

I am really in a dilemma. I’m 59, and very inconsistent at 38. Ran 4 this year. I am wondering if this is just the way it is at 59 and even getting a new ski will not provide more consistency or get me another 3-4 buoys.

@Papawskier That’s good skiing. I’m 60 and trying to get back to that level after deciding to rebuild my skiing and learn to ski the way the Denali boys are doing it.

@rlacey Bruce can ski some buoys for sure.

Good morning gentlemen. This includes you @joel. Appreciate your comments Richard. Unfortunately I wasted 7 weeks of my Ohio season on Denali. I’m more frustrated with myself more than Denali contingents. My rule is if it’s not working by SET 3 it’s not for me. Because of all the hype I continued to piss away ski time with settings bindings sending video, etc. on top of that the ski was killing my body. Way too effort intensive for me. As soon as I broke up with the Denali and sold it my 19 radar pro build got me right back in the game. I have other thoughts regarding the Denali. Out of respect I will not post them.

@Papawskier fair enough. I know people who have similar rules as far as number of sets. It certainly sounds like you gave it a fair trial. Adam, being a friend of mine as well as one of my 2 or 3 main skiing partners and someone who has made me have a completely different view of skiing asked me to try his skis very early on, prior to even producing Denali skis for sale. I eagerly signed up to be a crash test dummy to learn more about skiing from someone who I consider to be one of the best skiers on the planet. This is a very unique acting ski and I know it’s not for everyone, but the effort to produce the best ski ever is what the guys are all about.