2021 MC PS drive

Well I finally got to drive and ski behind the newly designed 2021 MC PS. I visited Orlando this past week. My friend lives approximately 5 minutes from Action Watersports. They were very accommodating and the customer service was excellent. Shout out to Sara and Matt.
There are a few disclaimers:

  1. As several of you know, I am a Nautique owner. However, I have owned two MC PS. I currently have 2019 SN.
  2. The boat I test drove/skied was a boat used at the ski school located at Action Watersports. Let’s just say it had some patina.

My goal was to drive it more than ski it. Personally, I can ski my practice avg. behind any of the current big 3. I wanted to see if the tracking and driving “issues” had been addressed. According to recent reports and “hype” regarding this boat, these issues had been fixed and were better than current models that seemed to set the standard.

So yes, the boat DOES track and drive SO much better in the course compared to the previous MC PS. My friend in TC Michigan has a 15 MC PS and I cannot keep him straight in the course to save my life. So comparing that experience with this new boat, MC has a winner.
The space inside the boat is really excellent, especially on the sides of the engine cover. The seat position is a touch too low for me but it was not disconcerting. The lines on the windshield to keep you lined up in the course, I did not find helpful. I look down course while driving a skier. Using these lines made me focus primarily on the lines and right boat guide buoy. I am sure this is something one could get used to for sure.
There are several attributes about this boat I really like, front OB cover/trunk, storage under the passenger seat, ski racks just to mention a few.

However, this boat does not come close to tracking like a 200, the new 200 or the Ski Nautique. Could I learn to track this boat straight? Yes. Should I have too? Nope.

I am actually a little envious of folks who can drive a MC straight in the course. I for sure would love to have them as my primary driver.

So overall, no serious knocks on the new MC. Yes there are improvements. No, I won’t be buying one in the near future.

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